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Give your customers a better Wi-Fi experience.

Add real-time social interactions and personalized content. Promote your own products and services and start adding social interactions to the wireless internet of your business.

Try Interesante for Wi-Fi

Interesante for Wi-Fi is currently available by request only. To request a demo for your business, please contact us.

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Wi-Fi + Social

Interesante for Wi-Fi adds value to your wireless internet experience by displaying relevant content catered to your establishment.

Promote Your Products

With Interesante for Wi-Fi, you can promote your existing social content found on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Help consumers connect with your business and promote your brand across the social web.

Learn From Your Customers

Offer a Wi-Fi experience that’s visually and socially tailored to your customer’s interests. The more your customers use your Wi-Fi, the more you learn about what type of content they’re interested in for a better on going experience.

Created for a mobile experience

Your customers will have a visual experience. Remember that more than 50% of the people that connect to a public Wi-Fi do it with their mobile phone or tablet.

Great!. Soon you will receive news from us.

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